New Offices at Lifestyle Working

30-Nov-2009 It's been a number of months in the making but we have finally moved out of our fish bowl into a larger brand new eco friendly working environment.  The office building we have moved into, Lifestyle Working, is a brand new concept in commercial office space which offers considerable energy and environmental savings.

You can read more about the building here from their website.  You may also wish to view the video below which explains the concept behind the building, click on the image to start the presentation.

We are very proud to be part of this new business community.

"The collaboration of ecological and environmental initiatives within Lifestyle Working includes natural ventilation, rainwater harvesting, solar panels, passive energy solutions, recycled timbers and optimum temperature control options for individuals to select. These will not only benefit the environment generally but also provide considerable savings in running and maintenance costs as well as providing more comfort and choice for the buildings occupants.

What does that mean for us

First and foremost it provides HGWS with a more creative and larger workspace from which to work from. We now have greater access to state of the art meeting rooms and technology to meet with our clients and provide a higher level of service and support in a commercial environment that is sympathetic to the environment.

Facilities at Lifestyle Working includes an abundance of visitor parking, a 25 metre lap pool and an onsite gym for staff to use. This will result in a very pleasant and vibrant working environment for HGWS team members. Getting the balance between work and play will result in higher staff retention and a culture for HGWS where people will want to come to work.

If you are in the area, or you wish to discuss how we can help grow your business online, please stop by to say hello. We wil be delighted to show you around this very modern office complex.

We love it already, we are sure you will too.

Here's the address: 106 Lifestyle Working, 117 Old Pittwater Road, Brookvale, Sydney 2100, NSW, Australia


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